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I was eighteen years old when I turned towards reading and writing. After understanding the art of writing, I published Superhuman In You at the age of twenty. The book helped me in building readers and encouraged me to start my blog.

I went on to do freelance writing for many companies and startups, worked a while as a full-time content writer in an IT Solution based company. So far I’ve done guest posts for some of the best sites on the web.

Finally, I’ve written my blog for almost five years now, and have created a couple of courses and books which is still helping me to live my dreams as a professional writer.

What’s Covered In This Course?

“Everything You Need To Know From Creating A Website To Writing Magnetic Content To Becoming A Professional Writer”

First, I want to thank you for reading the blogs and courses that receives thousands of visitors every month.

I cannot tell you how much happiness it brings me to live my dreams.

I wake up in the morning, sit back in my chair, read a book and write for the entire day.

I walk around the park in the morning, listen to the chirping birds, sweat at the gym in the evening, spend time with my family and friends, and remain mindful and confident throughout the day.

What else do I need?

I wish someone has created this kind of course on writing, years ago. I would have saved a couple of years.

The truth is no writer wants to share the secrets of writing with their readers. Some writers even behave as if they are born intellectual which is not the truth.

Like learning to play guitar, writing too is a skill. You can master the required skills and become a professional writer in your area of interest.

All you have to do is to learn the secrets what no professional writer wants to share.

No doubt, you can learn all the secrets to writing better by yourself. But you cannot ignore the fact that it will take you years to understand the profession if you go on your own.

Good news is that I’ve created 8 Week Course “Write. Backspace. Write” for SERIOUS budding writers.

I’ve spent over five years in reading hundreds of books, attending seminars and webinars only to understand what it takes to be a writer.

You know, some people work harder than me, read more than I can ever do, but still, they are unable to achieve their dream of becoming a writer.

I’m lucky enough to learn everything in five years, but you do not have to spend that much of your time because I’ll share with you everything the exact tricks and tips of becoming a professional writer in just eight weeks.

You do not have to make the same mistakes that cost me money and time. You do not have to face the rejections that I’ve encountered for a long time.

Part 1 – Starting Your Own Blog

  • Finding an area of your specialization
  • Creating your professional site under 10 minutes
  • Essential things to do after installing a website

Part 2 – Training Period

  • Cultivating a reading habit
  • Cultivating habits of great writers
  • Improving writing skills
  • Learning the art of writing notes
  • Overcoming resistance

Part 3 – Insane Skills & Your First eBook

  • Writing SEO optimized content
  • Creating content in less than an hour
  • Tools and Resources to improve writing skills
  • Secrets no professional writer shares
  • Your first ebook to build readership

Part 4 – Build Audience

  • Tools to build readers for your writings
  • Change visitors into permanent readers
  • Grow your social following


“You can bring massive results in short time with a right direction, total support and complete guidance. The whole concept behind this coaching is to trigger your growth rate and help you go ahead of everyone around you.” – Nakul Grover

I’ve further divided the course into 8 weeks. As soon as you subscribe to the course, you’ll be redirected to a page where I’ve shared how we are going to work together in building up your credibility as a writer.


8 Week No Question Money Back Guarantee

Write. Backspace. Write offers the best coaching every aspiring writer needs. It’s a unique course which enlightens us with intense knowledge and helps polishing our skills. Throughout the course Nakul Grover helps in inculcating some good habits every writer must possess. I would like to express my gratitude towards him for introducing this course and being the “Guru” for so many budding writers like me.
shraddha reviews
Shraddha Rane
Blogger | Writer
I have read and heard about how to be a writer from many successful writers, but the way this course has guided me is worth it. The hours I am putting in this is certainly an investment.
sonali sharma
Sonali Sharma
Blogger | Writer

Where You Can Apply Your Writing Skills

  • Freelancing Service
  • Ghostwriting
  • How To – Guides
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Academic Writing
  • Books, ebooks & other content
  • Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn & Instagram

What Else Comes with this Course?

Starting Your Website

Building a professional website might cost you more than this course. You do not have to spend hundreds and thousands of bucks in creating your site because I’ll teach you how to build it, without hiring a web designer or a coder.

I’ll assist you in getting the right domain, hosting and installing the WordPress from where you can easily write your blogs and articles and share with the world.

Once you learn how to create your website, you can create any site within ten minutes.


20 Chapters On Writing Better

I will be sending you amazing tips and tricks on becoming a better writer through the series of twenty chapters. These chapters will help you find your voice as a writer and build up your self-confidence.

At the end of 8 Weeks, you’ll have all the secrets and lessons to influence people through your content that I’ve learned over five years of my writing career.

As you go through the stunning chapters, you do not have to seek help from outside the course to make your dream come true as a writer. I’ve covered almost everything within these chapters.

Everyday Assessment

Every day, I will ask you to submit me your write-ups. I will analyze it carefully and then write a report based on your content.

I will edit your blogs/articles and write the comments wherever I find the area of improvement.

These reports will cover everything from your weakness to your strengths, from your writing style to your reading habits. Both you and I will work together on improving your writing skills every day.

final week

Extra Resources To Build Readers And Much More

I will share with you two resources/articles that I’ve followed since the beginning of my writing career which I have not shared on my blog to date.

I came across these two excellent pieces of advice after reading hundreds of book. Anyone can fulfill the dream of becoming a writer by implementing these strategies.

Also, after four weeks, I will share with you the tools that I use to improve my productivity. These tools help me in writing better and in reducing my time to half.

I will also take you to the process to create amazing articles in less time.

At last, I’ll make sure that you become a content generating machine by the end of the course.


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8 Week Money-Back Guarantee

I want you to be confident that you are buying the Best Course for improving writing skills than all you can find anywhere online or offline.

In case, if you feel that “Write Backspace Write” is not the best course available online, I’ll refund your money within a week. I do not need your hard earned money if you do not get the results.

You can email me at grovernakul142 at gmail dot com, and I’ll initiate the refund immediately.

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