43 Nora Roberts Quotes To Encourage You Lead A Creative Life

Nora Roberts famous for writing over 200 romance novels has not only inspired the budding writers but also set an example of extraordinary human capabilities. Nora Roberts quotes are popular for the beautiful description of love, life and relationships. Born on October 10, 1950, she was the youngest of five siblings. An avid reader and a creative genius, Robert didn’t write until she developed discipline in life, for which she credits the nuns of Catholic school.

With the publication of Montana Sky in 1996, she completed her 100th novel. In 2012, she reached the two-hundred-novel milestone with the publication of The Witness. Nora Roberts remained The New York Times Best Seller for over 800 weeks. Nora Roberts quotes, ideas, achievements and devotion to her profession is an epitome of creativity and geniuses.

Not only she made the readers fall in love with the romance genre but also gave back the society through her philanthropic attitude. She established Nora Roberts Foundation to promote arts and help students and children contribute to humanitarian works.  Mentioned below Nora Roberts quotes are enlightening and equally entertaining.

1. If you don’t ask, the answer is always no. – Nora Roberts

2. And yet, anything real, anything strong, was never easy. She’d been taught from an early age that the things that mattered most were the hardest to obtain. Nora Roberts

3. That woman doesn’t have the sense God gave a retarded flea. Nora Roberts

4. Oh, go to hell.” But there wasn’t any heat in the response. “You’re not supposed to smile when you say that. Nora Roberts

5. I do not feel obliged in my reading. I read to be entertained and to relax, and to go into another world, not because it’s good for me. Nora Roberts

6. I can fix a bad page. I can’t fix a blank page. Nora Roberts

7. We make destiny with every turn, every choice. Nora Roberts

8. And each book has to receive your best effort every single time. No slacking. Nora Roberts

9. When we grow up, we lose the talent for loving without restrictions. Nora Roberts

10. A woman who can threaten your life before breakfast is the only sort of woman worth having. Nora Roberts

11. Feeling too much is a hell of a lot better than feeling nothing. Nora Roberts

12. Aren’t most romance heros, or heros in fiction of any kind, generally superior to real men? Same goes for heroines and real women. Nora Roberts

13. Be yourself. Be true to that, to your heart. Patience. See what happens if you step back instead of bounding forward. Nora Roberts

14. A woman with romance in her life lived as grandly as a queen, because her heart was treasured. Nora Roberts

15. There was nothing like a Saturday – unless it was the Saturday leading up to the last week of school and into summer vacation. That of course was all the Saturdays of your life rolled into one big shiny ball. Nora Roberts

16. The wounded recognized the wounded. Nora Roberts

17. He trailed off as he saw the books. Piles and stacks of them beside the sofa, another stack on the coffee table, a sea of them on her dining table. Jesus Christ, Dane, you need treatment. Nora Roberts

18. I wonder if you can understand, I never really knew what it was to want, until you. Nora Roberts

19. Love’s scary, and sometimes it’s transient. But it’s worth the risks and the nerves. It’s even worth the pain. Nora Roberts

20. The tune was sad, as the best of Ireland was, melancholy and lovely as a lover’s tears. Nora Roberts

21. …If I don’t have twenty or thirty books right here, waiting to be read, I start jonesing. That’s my compulsion. Nora Roberts

22. You spend your life getting walked on, you learn to recognize the tread. Nora Roberts

23. Squats are a form of torture designed by people who don’t need to do squats in the first place. Nora Roberts

24. You want safe? Find a nice puppy you can train to come heel. Love’s supposed to be scary. Because if there’s no fear, there’s no thrill. Nora Roberts

25. My boyfriend and I are badasses. Nora Roberts

26. If you were a girl,Jack said to Dell, I’d marry you. -No. You’d just have sex with me then never call me. Nora Roberts

27. Ireland is a land of poets and legends, of dreamers and rebels. All of these have music woven through and around them. Tunes for dancing or for weeping, for battle or for love. Nora Roberts

28. It’s hard to resist a bad boy who’s a good man. Nora Roberts

29. Damn me to hell or take me to heaven, but for Gods sake, do it now…. Nora Roberts

30. Those big blue eyes were swimming, and he was afraid that if the first tear fell, he would break and carry her off anywhere she wanted to go. Nora Roberts

31. Every time I hear writers talk about ‘the muse,’ I just want to bitch-slap them. It’s a job. Do your job. Nora Roberts

32. Nothing worthwhile is ever without complications. Nora Roberts

33. A relationship isn’t something that has to be created in a day or perfected in a day. Part of the game is to keep working on it. It’s something that’ll always be just a little flawed. Nora Roberts

34. Earrings are like orgasms. You can never have too many.” ” I never thought about it quite that way.” Well, you’re a man. ” She gave his knee a friendly pat. Nora Roberts

35. Did he mean me or Jenny Mullendore was a slut?” Joanne wondered. “Because honestly, I don’t see how she has the time for slut activities with those two preschoolers of hers. Me, I’ve got lots of time. Nora Roberts

36. I don’t kick a man when he’s down, unless I’m the one who put him down in the first place. I don’t put him down unless he deserves it. And I don’t break my word if I give it. So I’ll give you my word. Nora Roberts

37. Some things in life are out of your control. You can make it a party or a tragedy. Nora Roberts

38. Evil cannot and will not be vanquished by evil. Dark will only swallow dark and deepen. The good and the light are the keenest weapons. Nora Roberts

39. I’ve found out that falling in love doesn’t have anything to do with time. It can take a year or an instant. It happens when it’s ready to happen. Nora Roberts

40. He wanted to be a poet,’ someone else put in while Maggie hugged Tim and patted his back. ‘Said he’d only lacked the words to be one. Nora Roberts

41. The very young and the very old often saw what others could not. Or would not. Nora Roberts

42. In all the illusions, you’re the only truth that I need. Nora Roberts

43. Everything I know, I learned from dogs. Nora Roberts

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