5 Timeless Truths You Must Remember To Achieve Your Goals

You become most powerful in whatever you do if the action is performed for its own sake rather than as a means to protect, enhance, or conform to your role identity. – Eckhart Tolle

I cannot recall a day when I have lived my life without a purpose. Goals matter, for they hold an unbelievable amount of energy to change your life in a positive direction.

Though there are innumerable reasons why goal-setting is my first priority in life, I count on to the following five benefits.

First, I’ve never confronted a day of boredom. Frankly, I do not what boredom is.

Second, while pursuing a goal, I get aware of my hidden talents and abilities that improve self-image which I believe is the backbone of success in life.

Third, a goal helps me build discipline and sincerity in life. I continuously remind myself of the fact that no human being was born with an unlimited amount of time. The people who extravagantly spend their time, sooner or later find themselves trapped in it.

Fourth, when I’m working towards improving my quality of life, I indirectly encourage people to do the same with their own life.

Fifth, I’ve no time for gossiping, bitching, scrolling down the newsfeed on social media finding out what is happening in the life of friends and relatives, for I’ve my mind focused on a bigger purpose.

Having said that, here are the five timeless truths that you should remember to achieve your goals.

1. Journaling

I’m journaling for over five years now. Two things I cannot live without – books and my diary.

My friends are no ordinary people. I listen to the greatest of the saints and leaders through books. Books have become my life-long companion. Through journaling, I reflect upon what these books have taught me and how I’m going to apply the wisdom to improve my attitude towards people and my own life.

One of the countless benefits of writing your thoughts down is to have better clarity about what you really want from yourself.

Most people do the mistake of not discovering alternative routes. They pick the route what is on the surface and never trying to find the hidden routes. Often, they take the long journey and take more time to achieve their goal, what they can do in a short span.

The simple solution is in detail. The more you spend your time in writing details and ideas associated to your goal, the sooner you will figure out the shortest path to goal accomplishment.

The shortest path is the one which requires less energy, time and resources without compromising the quality of results.

There is no other effective method to find the shortest route towards goal accomplishment than journaling.

2. Explore Your Goal

Once you have the shortest route, explore it and plan it to the end. Having a roadmap beforehand keeps you moving rather than getting lost on your path.

To make it clearer, take the example of John. John wants to read 52 books in a year to improve his personal and professional life. He understands the worth of goal management. He explores his goal and plans his goal down the following way:

1 Year – 52 Books (Average: 250 pages/book)

(Divide the goal into small chunks)

1 Month – 4 Books

1 Week –  1 Book of 250 Pages

1 Day – 40 pages approx.

If he takes one minute to read one page, he has to read for forty minutes every day to reach his goal. Therefore, he begins to read twenty minutes just after waking up in the morning and twenty minutes before bedtime at nights

More than 80% of people do not read even ten books a year and therefore never be able to rise above mediocrity. According to one study, 92% of successful people read in between 40-50 books every year which includes personalities such as – Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Oprah Winfrey and many more. (Want me to help you build your writing career? Click here...)

John reads more than the average people and therefore, he knows more hacks and has more ideas and tools to get his work done.

3.  Achievable

In the above example, we discussed how spending just twenty minutes every morning and night, John achieved his goal.

Without proper planning, reading 52 Books a year may appear as a giant task. However, after breaking it down it from years to months and months to weeks, the goal clearly seems possible.

Setting unrealistic goals most certainly will disappoint you. Also, you may also find it difficult to cope up with your expectation if in case you miss a day or a week due to unexpected circumstances.

On the other hand, if your goal is realistic and you are enough motivated, you can even increase your pace to complete your task for the upcoming days and weeks beforehand.

 4. Use Affirmations

To not go astray of the journey, write positive affirmations just after waking up in the morning.

Write something positive about your goal ten to fifteen times.

This will keep you motivated throughout the day. Also, the repetition of the words or ideas will convince your subconscious mind to attract it, transforming it into reality.

For instance, if you have to save money by the end of a month, write down the following affirmation fifteen times in your journal every day.

“Today, I live within my means and control my desire. Today, I spend less and save for my future, for I know if I save my money today, it will save me tomorrow.”

5. Stick To Your Decisions

Starting a journey is hard, but continuing it is even harder. Before you reach your destination, life will take several tests of you to confirm whether or not you are worthy of the goal you desire.

A lot of time, you feel like giving up. You may even start doubting your plans even before you reach half-way your journey. You will have to face disappointments and frustrations.

Whatsoever difficulties you confront, make sure that you stick to the decisions you made at the beginning of your journey.

Keep reminding yourself of the rewards once you achieve your goal or make note of the consequences if you fail to live up to your mark.

What goals are you currently pursuing in your life? Let me know them in the comment section below.

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