7 Brilliant Jim Rohn Books On Creating Wealth

Jim Rohn books have always remained a road map for common people doing uncommon things in life. Mentored by a famous businessman John Earl Shoaff, Jim Rohn kept on improving his skills and abilities to sell anything to anyone. He was one of those people who knew the rare secrets of sales and success. Throughout his life, he shared his secrets to success through his seminars and books. The year was 1963 when he began his career by sharing his self-improvement philosophy at Beverly Hills Hotel. Soon his commendable thoughts and his life experiences got attention from all over the country and he became a great success.

I started reading Jim Rohn when I was a college graduate and looking forward to making writing my full-time career. Those days I read a lot of self-help writers including Bob Proctor, Myles Munroe, Bob Goff, and Grant Cardone. I begin reading Jim Rohn with Seasons of Life, and I never knew I will end up reading all the Jim Rohn books within the next few months. Books have remained a truthful companion to me and I’ll always remain indebted to Jim Rohn’s works and all those books I’ve read so far.

7 Strategies for Wealth & Happiness, by Jim Rohn


Jim Rohn was one of those rare personalities who have changed the course of how people should do business and build wealth. His remarkable way of leading people towards success was praised by professionals from every area of life.

While Anthony Robbins called him as rarest of rare human beings whose principles, if followed, could bring tremendous change in an individual’s personal and professional life, Les Brown placed him in the category of the most profound thinker of all-time. With this Jim Rohn book, 7 Strategies For Wealth And Happiness, you will have all the secrets to perform best in your career, work, family, finances, and all those hidden areas that remained untouched for so long.

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Keys to Success, by Jim Rohn


Jim Rohn’s charisma is not only limited to his speeches and lectures but also his books have the same characteristic that can make people wonder who has been in the business of counseling and personality development for decades.

With another ground-breaking work, Keys To Success, Jim Rohn established himself as a master motivator and writer. Whether you are looking for personal development tips or just want to come out of financial or mental turmoil, this Jim Rohn book will do the work for you. Highly recommended to people finding the keys to success.

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The World is Yours: 26 Essays on Life and Success, by Jim Rohn


If you have just started your journey to personal mastery, The World Is Yours is a perfect compilation of lessons from the most successful businessman and motivator of his time, Jim Rohn. The book comprises of breath-taking essays and stories from the author’s life that have the power to change the way you think about money, happiness, and success.

The foreword of this special edition is written by Josh Ellis, Editor-in-chief of SUCCESS Magazine. He recommended this simple yet profound work to those who are willing to reject mediocrity and are constantly seeking new ways to rise above their circumstances.

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Five Major Pieces to the Life Puzzle – Jim Rohn Books


Why some people get successful while so many people end up with shattered dreams and hopes? It’s a piece of the puzzle many professionals have tried to solve according to their own experiences and life lessons. One such person is Jim Rohn who had solved the puzzle and came up with the exact explanation that can make you successful as well.

He breaks down the book into five major topics, the puzzles, that play a crucial role in creating the life most people always desire. He takes the reader in-depth of his research work and shows them the path less traveled. Based on the five fundamental principles of success – attitude, activity, philosophy, lifestyle, and results – this Jim Rohn book is a must-read self-help classic for you to read this weekend.

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The Treasury of Quotes, by Jim Rohn


One of the easiest ways to kick start your day is to go through a few positive messages as soon as you wake up in the morning. High performers understand the tremendous effect of inspirational quotes. They place them in their rooms, bathrooms, offices, and everywhere to keep the inside fire burning.

Jim Rohn had used these incredible sentences for creating his own empire. He had collected quotes for years until it was found its way to appear before the world as The Treasure of Quotes. The compilation contains hundreds of quotes on every topic starting from goals to improving communication skills to time management. These quotes are called treasure due to the fact that they have been gathered from Jim Rohn’s personal journals and books. No materialistic treasure is as valuable as these words of wisdom.

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Twelve Pillars – Jim Rohn Books


It was not the first time when Jim Rohn used his excellent way of storytelling to inspire his audience. Jim was the master of his art and knew what was necessary to push people out of their comfort zone. This Jim Rohn book, like his earlier books, train readers towards greatness and a more fulfilled life.

Twelve Pillars is a story of three fictional characters Michael, Charlie, and Mr. Davis. Written with the help of its co-author, the book focuses on underlying principles of success. The discussion goes on a wide variety of topics beginning from the importance of heath to leaving a legacy which makes Twelve Pillars by Jim Rohn an undeniable read.

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Seasons of Life, by Jim Rohn


Just like the seasons, our lives keep on changing. The survival of fittest will be the one who adapts the change and make maximum benefit of each season. Seasons of Life is a work that has its roots from a parable of the sower and the reaper. Basically, it shows how to sow seeds in one season and enjoy the success in another season.

The book offers a way out of the financial and mental struggles people are facing in their daily lives. It encourages how the difficulties of winter will soon be replaced with the happiness of springs. Essential reading to understanding what to do and what not under a particular situation.

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