12 C.V. Raman Quotes To Inspire Your Life

C.V. Raman quotes and ideas have always been an inspiration for the Indian students. Becoming the First Indian to Win the Nobel Prize in the field of sciences in 1930 for his work on the scattering of light and what later came to be known as “The Raman Effect”, the famous scientist C.V. Raman, born on November 7, 1888, was an extraordinary man since Childhood.

He passed his matriculation when he was just 11. In 1903, Aged just 14, he went to live in a hostel in Madras, now called Chennai to do his Bachelors’ in the Presidency College and topped in all exams winning a Gold Medal in it. After completing his Masters in 1907 and working for some time as an Assistant Accountant General in Indian Finance Department, he got an opportunity to join the University of Calcutta in 1917 as the First Palit Professor of physics. Raman, a seeker of truth, throughout his life, passed away on 21st November 1970. Below are the 12 Best C.V. Raman quotes that will inspire your life towards success.

1. I would like to tell the young men and women before me not to lose hope and courage. – C.V. Raman

2. If someone judges you, they are wasting space in their mind. Best part, it’s their problem. – C.V. Raman

3. It is generally believed that it is the students who derive benefit by working under the guidance of a professor. In reality, the professor benefits equally by his association with gifted students working under him. – C.V. Raman

4. Success can come to you by courageous devotion to the task lying in front of you. – C.V. Raman


5. I strongly believe that fundamental science cannot be driven by instructional, industrial and government or military pressures – C.V. Raman

6. I am the master of my failure… If I never fail how will I ever learn. – C.V. Raman quotes

7. I feel it is unnatural and immoral to try to teach science to children in a foreign language. They will know facts, but they will miss the spirit. – C.V. Raman

8. In the history of science, we often find that the study of some natural phenomenon has been the starting point in the development of a new branch of knowledge. – C.V. Raman

9. You can’t always choose who comes into your life but you can learn what lesson they teach you. – C.V. Raman


10. The whole edifice of modern physics is built up on the fundamental hypothesis of the atomic or molecular constitution of matter. – C.V. Raman

11. I received my parents’ permission and went into the Navy on June 3, 1941. – C.V. Raman

12. Treat me right and you will see the light. Treat me wrong and you will be gone! – C.V. Raman


I hope you enjoy reading C.V. Raman quotes. Let me know your favorite quote in the comments below.

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