Do What You Can, With What You Have, Where You Are – 3 Ways To Take Charge Of Your Present?

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are,” Theodore Roosevelt, 26th United States president, once wrote. I sometimes wonder how such deep wisdom of life can be concluded in just a few words. Well, that is why such quotes have been there since the time immemorial.

The meaning and message are simple: Even if we don’t have enough resources, we must commit our present towards making a better tomorrow. And one day, we will reach the destination and live the life we deserve.

Here are three simple ways you can follow in order to take charge of your life.

Manage Your Day On Paper

We all have limited time and we cannot achieve everything in 24 hours. Therefore, if you want to see yourself climbing up the stairs of success, manage your time around the important task.

To begin with, pick a piece of paper and create a to-do-list. Every minute you spend in planning save your nine precious minutes.

Another advantage of creating a to-do-list is to have clear vision throughout the day. You can remain focused, accomplish more and produce the best outcomes.

Every successful people share this common habit of managing their day on paper. Some people create a list a night before while others get it written down early in the morning.

It’s also important to fill the to-do-list with important and difficult tasks. Often difficult tasks are the ones which contribute 80% of success in your career. People fail, for they are distracted by small tasks rather than focusing their energy on big and important ones.

Take Immediate Action

Whether it’s Theodore Roosevelt or Albert Einstein or anyone you admire the most has achieved a remarkable position in life only because of their habit of taking immediate actions.

People who do not take actions fall into the trap of overthinking and come down with anxiety and uncertainty of life.

Figure out what you can do in the present moment to move closer to your dream. Figure out what resources you have to take you near to your goals. And figure out the necessary actions you must take to get going. Or we can simply sum up it with the saying of Theodore Roosevelt, “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”

Remain Positive

Every profession is filled with disappointments and failures. No one can become a professional overnight. It takes time, provided we are continually learning and implementing to harness our skill. The pain is obvious, for working out of the comfort zone is not at all easy.

If the conditions are unfavorable, it’s easy to get discouraged and procrastinate.

However, leader and successful people remain bold and face the obstacles. They train themselves to face the hurdles in the face, even if they have been knocked down. Above all, they remain positive and build their faith on the journey.

Starting a new journey is difficult. Continuing it is even more difficult. Without an optimistic mindset, no one becomes great.

The good news is if you take continuous steps with a positive mindset, you will soon develop a strong character, integrity, self-discipline and a never give up attitude towards life.

Conclusion: Do what you can, with what you have, where you are by Theodore Roosevelt

Working hard in the wrong direction and on unimportant work is a waste of time. Also, spending time creating a brilliant plan and never acting upon it is of no importance.

Successful people give priority to their time than to money or any other resources. They have the best self-image for themselves, remain positive and work with whatever resources they possess.

Similarly, if you focus on your strengths, regardless of your circumstances or weaknesses, you can transform ordinary into extraordinary.

Keep asking yourself:  What is that one thing I can do today in order to make my future better? What is my greatest strength and how can I use it to build my destiny?

In the end, I wish you greater success for the future. Let me know your views about the life of Theodore Roosevelt in the comments below.

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