Erin Moran Net Worth

Erin Marie Moran was born on October 18, 1960, in Burbank (home to renowned TV and movie studios), California, and elevated to a higher level in nearby North Hollywood. She was also known as Erin Marie Fleischmann. Here is Erin Moran Net Worth as per 2017 survey.

Erin Moran Net Worth is $50,000

According to our survey, we’ve found that Erin Moran Net Worth is around $50,000. She was the daughter and the second youngest of six children born to Sharon and Edward Moran. Erin’s father, Edward Moran, was a finance manager and her mother, Sharon, supported her for her good skills and interest in acting.

Erin got married to Rocky Ferguson in 1987 and divorced in 1993 and then got married to Steven Fleischmann in 1993.

Erin’s mother signed her with a talent agent when she was five years old. Erin Marie Moran has two brothers John Moran and Tony Moran (an American actor and producer).

Michael Myers, a fictional character from the Halloween series of slasher films 1978, is played by Tony Moran. Tony has done many guest appearances in T.V. series.

Achievements And Career


Erin’s first acting role was in a television commercial, at the age of five, for First Federal Bank. When she was six years old, she was cast as Jenny Jones in an American family drama series named Daktari released in 1966 and ran up to 1969.

Erin made her debut in a comedy film ‘How Sweet It Is’(1968).

At the age of 13, Erin was cast to play the role which is considered as one of her best, a fictional character named Joanie Cunningham in an American television ‘Happy Days’. She also won an award for the best young actress for her role.

In the coming years, Erin made several other television guest appearances, including Murder, The Love Boat, Diagnosis, She wrote and cast as a principal performer opposite Edward Albert( American film actor) in the science fiction horror film Galaxy of Terror (1981).

She was a contestant of a reality show named’ Celebrity Fit Club’ (2008).

Quotes by Erin Moran


1. I liked wearing the ’50s wardrobe. It was hard in the beginning. The first shows I wore regular young girl dresses. Then a little later I got to wear the poodle skirts and such. -Erin Moran

2. I am still being recognized as Joanie and probably will as long as Happy Days is playing on TV and remembered by Happy Days fans. It has and will always be a pleasure and an honor for me to be a part of it. – Erin Moran

3. I have thought about Happy Days made into a movie. As far as the original cast not being a part of it, wow, I don’t know who could be who! I just don’t see it going in that direction. I can see the original cast doing the movie very easily though. – Erin Moran

4. There was mental and physical abuse in my family. – Erin Moran

5. The first interview I went on I got at age 5. It was a commercial for First Federal Bank. – Erin Moran

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