4 Steps To Overcome The Fear of Getting Lost In Life

Many a time we feel like getting lost in life. The uncertainty of the future always stays somewhere in our mind, making us insecure and upset. Rather than reflecting upon the emotions, we tend to run away from it. Either we take refuge in our mobiles, surfing our social media newsfeed, looking at how others are happier than us or finding a better time-consuming activity to do such as playing a game or watching a movie.

Getting busy in doing such activities can help us overcome the complex emotions, but it’s not the right way to deal with them permanently. When these emotions return, they may affect you in horrible ways, making the situation even worse.

Here are some steps that will help you to overcome the fear of getting lost in life.

1. Know That It Exists


Most of the times, it happens that we are not aware of our emotions. For example, people know that anger is a damaging emotion and we should remain calm no matter how worse is the condition.

However, when anger arises, we forget all the philosophies and allow it to control our behavior.  After a period of time, when we are calm, we regret saying so and so. We feel embarrassed and guilty.

In the first place, if we had figured out that anger was there we would have ignored messing up the situation.

Now there are people who have gained control over their anger by observing the behavior of the mind. When they are angry, they know they are angry and avoid the company of other people. They go into solitude, release their emotions and calm down before returning to what causes the anger.

Similarly, when you feel the fear of getting lost in life, observe it. You can sit or lie down at your back and shift your attention to your breathing. Notice whether or not your breathing is shallow. Shallow breathing indicates you are anxious. If so, take deep breaths and know that an unwanted emotion is arising from within.

2. Notice Your Thought Pattern And Confirm Whether It’s True


It’s obvious that when you feel like getting lost, you have a hundred more negative thoughts muddling your mental condition.

At that moment, notice your thought pattern and confirm the reality of each thought. Most of the times, our assumptions become the reason for our turmoil.

As you look at them individually, ask yourself: “Is this the reality? Am I really lost in life or is it just I am assuming things?”

If your fears are just assumptions, you can overcome it by focusing on completing the task that can help you in the future like learning a skill, writing your assignments, watching an informational video online and so one. The reason you are anxious can be idleness, perhaps your laziness has restricted you to act less and think more. Now, you have been thinking so long that your mind is in no control.

Immediately, shift your attention on a productive activity. In the beginning 20-30 minutes, you may experience difficulty in sticking to the task. But as time passes by, your mind will absorb into this new activity. The good news is that as you will complete your work, you will feel a sense of achievement. Your brain will release dopamine and improve your self-image.

Refer the next step, if your fear of feeling getting lost is a reality.

3. Define Your Fears In Detail


Journaling is also considered one of the top habits of successful people to explore new ideas. There are 83+ benefits of journaling. Some of them are:

  1. Science has found that journaling even for 10-15 minutes a day can reduce stress.
  2. You will have better clarity in managing your thoughts.
  3. Planning your day every morning on paper can save you from distractions and help you focus on your important work.
  4. The people who write their goals on paper and review them consistently will likely to achieve their results as compared to those who never write them at all.
  5. Writing is an alternative to meditation. It helps in dealing with overthinking.
  6. Journaling before bed at night improves the quality of sleep.

Above all, journaling helps in finding a meaningful life while dealing with the fears of getting lost.

The first step is to define your deepest fears in detail. Try to write down as much information as you know about your fears. Come up with the different questions such as, “If I ignore this fear, what will be the outcome in the long term? What will be the worst case scenario? Is there anyone who can help me?”

The more you question yourself and write down your thoughts, the better you get in recognizing your feelings.

What I usually do is that I take an hour aside from my schedule and retire to solitude. Then I go on writing about the problem in two to three pages. Once I find every nooks and corner of my problems, I figure out their solutions.

4. Take Actions To Deal With Fear Of Getting Lost

Once you know what your fears are, you can come up with answers through research work. We are not the first one who is going through the fear of getting lost. There are many people who have faced such feeling and won a victory over them.

Google is a boon. You can either watch a YouTube video or read a book or blog. Make sure that you do not spend much of your time in gathering information. Refer ten to twelve resources and find the common solution that the website, book, and blog have mentioned.

Pick one actionable advice and implement it because actions alone are omnipotent to solve the biggest of life’s hurdles.

Like other behavioral characteristics, taking actions, too, can be developed through repetition. Once this is developed, you will be amazed to see how you can control your mind and eventually, you start attracting happiness and peace from all around.

In the end, I want to remind you that we are not our fears. We reserve an unlimited amount of will-power and enthusiasm that can make us incredible and unstoppable in whatever we do. All we need is to commit ourselves to not get discouraged with the feeling of fear of getting lost.

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