5 Truths To Tell The Importance of Integrity In Life

Integrity simply means to stick and deliver honesty in your personal as well as professional life.

Success, happiness and growth are in direct proportion to how much honest you are to others and to yourself. Moreover, understanding the importance of integrity in life and following it strictly builds your faith and trust in the supreme power.

You start attracting good relationships, wealth, health, better businesses, and opportunities from all around. Above all, don’t forget the below truths that tell the importance of integrity and honesty in life.

1. Your Character Defines The Time Period Of Your Success

Staying on the top is more difficult than reaching the top. Some people might get to the top by chance. But how long they remain there is defined by their character. The shortcomings in character get reflected on the performance not only on your own work but also who surround you.

People with strong character appreciate their colleagues, team members or whoever they meet across their journey. These people make others look better than themselves. They lead from behind and build a positive self-image in others.

There are no shortcuts in life. Nor we can achieve everything by ourselves. At every step, we need people to lift us. People who do not understand the importance of integrity in life fail to go any farther in long-term.

2. Importance Of Integrity In Difficult Times

Anyone can talk about values and follow them when everything is going well in their life. The real test of integrity is during hard times. Then you will have two options. Either you can come out of your problems through dishonesty or you’ve to take stand for your values no matter how difficult is the situation.

Long-term success can never be built on lies. Understanding the importance of integrity during tough moments and abiding by it opens up a new spiritual dimension. Your faith in life gets deeper and you begin to live a more meaningful life.

3. Integrity Brings A Peaceful Life

You may have encountered many dishonest people. Perhaps, at one point, you would have accepted that dishonesty is the only way to go ahead in life.

The truth is that there are many people around you who want to live with integrity and honesty. Often the people who have been betrayed do not trust others easily. They take time and know others completely before giving words to them.

If you deal in honesty, you might receive dishonesty at first. However, if you meet an honest person, the bond of friendship will go on throughout life. Exchange of integrity and honesty brings peace and optimism.

4. Looking The Life As It Is

Face the truth because it shows you the reality. You begin to live with the facts and remove your made-up imagination.

The truth will remain the same. Not so many people are bold enough to accept the harsh reality because it gives pain.

So many families or businesses fail for they completely neglect their financial condition. They go with the flow and do not take charge of what’s happening wrong.

The simple rule to go ahead in life is to keep asking yourself “What’s the reality and what’s there to be changed? Where am I today and where I want to be?”

5. Linked With Improvement

If you have dishonest people around, you’ll never be able to find your shortcomings. On the other hand, honest people will tell you the truth no matter how bitter. They do not go on giving you fake promises and buttering-words.

Honest people may sound blunt, but the truth is not going to be changed. If you take it as constructive criticism, there is a possibility that you improve yourself. Figuring out the lack of own behavior and taking necessary action steps to omit bad habits is an act of courage. It not only improves self-image but also makes us humble and grounded.


A simple formula: what you give, comes around. You cannot expect honesty by deluding everyone you meet. Compromising integrity reflects in every aspect of your life — relationships, happiness, physical and menta health. Just like other behavioral characteristics, honesty and integrity can be developed by practicing them continuously.

Leaders and successful people do not give up their values in front of huddles. In fact, they use them as weapons. The life of the greatest leader like Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and Abraham Lincoln is an epitome of integrity. Such powerful lives prove that a strong character is the foundation of a great revolution.

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