32 Jordan Peterson Quotes That Talks About Traits Of Successful People

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson came in the news with the release of his book 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos in the year 2018 and was an instant hit among the readers. Since then Jordan Peterson Quotes and ideas got the popularity it deserved. His book is soon going to be translated into 45 languages soon. He has always been able to be in headlines for his outspoken blazing oppositions. To him, happiness is not a goal, and he asks people to focus on taking responsibility for one’s own life.

His first book was published in the year 1999 by the name Maps of Meaning: The Architecture of Belief that talks about the traits of successful people in the business.  Apart from this he has published more than 100 scientific papers and has his own YouTube channel with 1.5 million subscribers and over 70 million views. His controversial thought on life is tragic, and the capacity of humans to turn into monsters has not stopped people from his online lectures. Mentioned below are the best Jordan Peterson Quotes that you can’t skip if you want to achieve greatness in life.

1. Whatever you’re doing or not doing has a cost and it’s really easy to forget about the cost of what you’re not doing. –  Jordan Peterson


2. “No tree can grow to Heaven,” adds the ever-terrifying Carl Gustav Jung, psychoanalyst extraordinaire, “unless its roots reach down to Hell. –  Jordan Peterson

3. Don’t underestimate the power of vision and direction. These are irresistible forces, able to motivate you over what might appear to be unconquerable obstacles. –  Jordan Peterson

4. The successful among us delay gratification. The successful among us bargain with the future. –  Jordan Peterson


5. Life is suffering, and suffering can make you resentful, murderous, and then genocidal, if you take it far enough. So you need an antidote to suffering. And maybe you think that you can build walls of luxury around yourself, and that that will protect you from the suffering. Good luck with that.  –  Jordan Peterson

6. To stand up straight with your shoulders back is to accept the terrible responsibility of life, with eyes wide open.  –  Jordan Peterson

7. Make friends with people who want the best for you. –  Jordan Peterson

8. Start to stop doing what you know to be wrong. –  Jordan Peterson


9. If you cannot bring peace to your household, how dare you try to rule a city. –  Jordan Peterson

10. You cannot be protected from the things that frighten you and hurt you, but if you identify with the part of your being that is responsible for transformation, then you are always the equal, or more than the equal of the things that frighten you. –  Jordan Peterson

11. You’re going to pay a price for every bloody thing you do and everything you don’t do. You don’t get to choose to not pay a price. You get to choose which poison you’re going to take. That’s it. –  Jordan Peterson

12. Compare yourself to who you were yesterday, not to who someone else is today. –  Jordan Peterson


13. If you make your criteria for success razor sharp then you know every time you screw up. But that’s great because then you could fix it! –  Jordan Peterson

14. Often people won’t specify what their goals are because they don’t like to specify conditions for failure. So if you keep yourself all vague and foggy which is real easy because that’s just a matter of not doing as well – then you don’t know when you fail. –  Jordan Peterson

15. There’s lots of times in your life that you’re not going to be happy… You want to have something meaningful – that’s the boat that will take you through the storm. –  Jordan Peterson

16. We believe that in reducing the scope and importance of our errors, we are properly humble; in truth, we are merely unwilling to bear the weight of our true responsibility. –  Jordan Peterson

17. Sometimes, when things are not going well, it’s not the world that’s the cause. –  Jordan Peterson


18. Instead of protesting and trying to change the world, first win the war of evil within yourself. To make the world a better place first do the things you have to do every day. And do them- actually do them every day. –  Jordan Peterson

19. If you are not willing to be a fool, you can’t become a master. –  Jordan Peterson

20. Read something written by someone great. –  Jordan Peterson

21. Perhaps you are overvaluing what you don’t have and undervaluing what you do. –  Jordan Peterson

22. We deserve some respect. You deserve some respect. You are important to other people, as much as to yourself. You have some vital role to play in the unfolding destiny of the world. You are, therefore, morally obliged to take care of yourself. –  Jordan Peterson

23. Do not allow yourself to become arrogant or resentful. –  Jordan Peterson


24. Anything you let win the internal argument grows. And anything you let be defeated shrinks… So that’s another thing really to remember: Don’t practice what you do not want to become. –  Jordan Peterson

25. What path are you on?.. Some of you is dark and some of you is light… get rid of the darkness and then you’re on the path of light… What will happen to you when you’re on the path of light? The best that can happen to you it might not not be easy… easy and best aren’t the same thing. –  Jordan Peterson

26. I don’t think that you have any insight whatsoever into your capacity for good until you have some well-developed insight into your capacity for evil. –  Jordan Peterson

27. If you fulfill your obligations every day you don’t need to worry about the future. –  Jordan Peterson

28. Be the hero your mom wanted you to be. –  Jordan Peterson


29. Strengthen the individual. Start with yourself. Take care of yourself. Define who you are. Refine your personality. Choose your destination. –  Jordan Peterson

30. Expedience is the following of blind impulse. It’s short-term gain. It’s narrow, and selfish. –  Jordan Peterson

31. Do the things which make you strong. Stop doing the things which make you weak. –  Jordan Peterson

32. You have all of these miserable people with problems you can’t imagine to believe…and look, the lights are on. –  Jordan Peterson

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