Karoly Takacs Inspirational Story – The Man Who Never Gave Up

Born in Budapest, Karoly Takacs entered the Hungarian Army. He had already won many accolades in pistol shooting. Now, he was preparing for the Olympics of 1940.

Unfortunately, in the year 1938, a tragedy occurred.  A hand grenade exploded in his right hand and his dream of participating in the Olympics shattered.


Living with a burning desire, Karoly never gave up on his dreams. After recovering from his condition, he immediately set himself to practice pistol shooting with his left hand. Though he was right-handed and never made use of his left hand in shooting, he kept aside all the facts.

For days and weeks, he trained his left hand and appeared in the National Pistol Shooting Championship, 1939. The other participants and shooters showed sympathy and appreciated him for watching other shooters. In reply, Karoly said, “I didn’t come here to watch. I came to compete.”

People were surprised on hearing him.

After that, not only Karoly participated, but also won the championship with his left hand.

Due to World War II, the Olympics of 1940 and 1944 were canceled. The Olympics of 1948 and 1952 made Karoly Takacs one of the inspirational figures in the world. He won Gold medals in both of the Olympics.

No matter how bad the circumstances, the willing to succeed always take the person to bring the desired results. Even if you’ve lost your business or failed in the examinations, you always have a choice to begin again and define your journey to success.

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