83 Les Brown Quotes To Increase Your Hunger For A Successful Life

Les Brown quotes and speeches are the best sources of inspiration on the web. Les Brown, born as Leslie Calvin Brown on February 17, 1945, Miami, Florida, United States, abandoned by his mother during infancy, was adopted by a 38-year-old single woman who used to work in a cafeteria. He was labeled “educable mentally retarded” in school when he was in 5th grade.

Despite challenges and mediocracy, he continued to work for his dream of becoming a Radio Jockey, inspiring the whole world through many roles. He has been a full-time RJ, won elections in the Ohio House of Representatives, got into television and also formed the Les Brown enterprise. Today, he is one of the highest paid orators, Motivational speaker, and the author of many inspirational books-turned-best-sellers.” Live your Dream”, “It’s not over until you win”, “Success is a State of Mind” etc. are some of the most popular books written by Les Brown. Here are the best Les Brown Quotes to increase your hunger for a successful life.

1. When life knocks you down, try to land on your back. Because if you can look up, you can get up! – Les Brown

2. The harder the battle, the sweeter the victory. – Les Brown

3. It’s not over until I win. – Les Brown

4. If it’s hard do it hard. Nobody said it would be easy. – Les Brown

5. You must remain focused on your journey to greatness. – Les Brown

6. No matter how bad it is, or how bad it gets, I’m going to make it. – Les Brown

7. The only limits to the possibilities in your life tomorrow are the buts you use today. – Les Brown

8. Align yourself with people that you can learn from, people who want more out of life, people who are stretching and searching and seeking some higher ground in life. – Les Brown

9. It’s not what you don’t have. It’s what you think you need that keeps you from being successful or happy in life. – Les Brown

10. Do what is easy and your life will be hard, do what is hard and your life will become easy. – Les Brown

11. You don’t get what you want in life. You get who you are. – Les Brown

12. Make each day count by setting specific goals to succeed, then putting forth every effort to exceed your own expectations. – Les Brown

13. Forgive those who have hurt you. – Les Brown

14. Feed your faith and your doubts will starve to death! – Les Brown

15. Love doesn’t need to be perfect, it needs to be true. – Les Brown

16. If you are going through hell, don’t stop, keep moving. – Les Brown

17. If you run around with 9 losers, pretty soon you’ll be the 10th loser. – Les Brown

18. The best first are those we not only cherish but put to use. – Les Brown

19. A lot of people become discouraged too soon. The name of the game is, you’ve got to be relentless. – Les Brown

20. History is being read but it is also being written by people with imagination. – Les Brown quotes

21. Your smile will give you positive countenance that will make you comfortable around you. – Les Brown

22. You have to learn how to fail your way to success. – Les Brown

23. Your ability to communicate is an important too in your pursuit of your goals, whether it is with your family, your co-workers or your clients and customers. – Les Brown

24. Don’t underestimate yourself. You are capable of more than you can ever imagine. – Les Brown

25. I advise you to say your dream is possible and then overcome all inconveniences, ignore all the hassles and take a running leap through the hoop, even if it is in flames. – Les Brown

26. Wanting something is not enough. You must hunger for it. Your motivation must be absolutely compelling in order to overcome obstacles that will invariably come your way. – Les Brown

27. In the end it is the person your become, not the things you achieve that is most important. – Les Brown

28. Leave energy drainers alone. Don’t let them slow you down and stop your dream. Your possibilities are too important. – Les Brown

29. You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new new. – Les Brown

30. Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago – Les Brown

31. If you take responsibility for yourself you will develop a hunger to accomplish your dream. – Les Brown

32. Life takes on meaning when you become motivated. Set goals and charge after them in an unstoppable manner. – Les Brown

33. When your why is big enough, you will find your how. – Les Brown

34. I will fail my way to success. – Les Brown

35. Help others achieve their dreams, and you will achieve yours. – Les Brown

36. Accept responsibility for your life. Know that it is you who will get where you want to go, no one else. – Les Brown

37. If you put yourself in a positive where you have to stretch outside your comfort zone, then you are forced to expand your consciousness. – Les Brown

38. Take NO as a vitamin! – Les Brown

39. Shoot for the moon because even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars. – Les Brown

40. Many people fail in life not because they aim to high and miss, but because they aim to low and hit. – Les Brown

41. Get excited about the no, why because everytime someone says no, that brings you another stop to a yes. Your getting closer, trust me. You will win if you don’t quit. – Les Brown

42. A friend who is far away is sometimes much nearer than one who is at hand. – Les Brown

43. You need to make a commitment and one you make it then life will give you some answers. – Les Brown

44. If you don’t act on life, life will act on you. – Les Brown

45. Success is never owned, it’s rented and the rent is due everyday. – Les Brown

46. There is nothing more powerful than a changed mind. – Les Brown

47. Make discipline a major force in your life. – Les Brown

48. If it isn’t worth it, then it really isn’t your dream. Your true dream is always worth it. It’s your destiny. – Les Brown

49. I can bounce back from adversity and reinvent my life. It’s possible. – Les Brown

50. Success leaves clues, always listen and follow people who are doing what it is you want to do at a level you want to do it and learn from them. – Les Brown

51. Listen to positive music, watch positive videos or movies, hang out with positive, upbeat people. The last thing a blue mood needs is more blues. Don’t be a volunteer, be a fighter. – Les Brown

52. You don’t get in life what you want, you get in life what you are. – Les Brown

53. You want to raise the bar on yourself, most people won’t do that. – Les Brown

54. Life has no limitations except the ones you make. – Les Brown

55. The truth that will set en free is the truth men don’t want to hear. – Les Brown

56. Always strive to get on top in life, because it is the bottom that is overcrowded. – Les Brown

57. If you don’t program yourself, life will program you. – Les Brown

58. Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears. – Les Brown

59. The ambitious are criticized by those who have given up. – Les Brown

60. Live full, die empty. – Les Brown

61. Forgive yourself for your faults and your mistakes and move on. – Les Brown

62. Change is difficult but often essential to survival. – Les Brown quotes

63. Define your priorities, know your values and believe in your purpose. Only then can you effectively share yourself with others. – Les Brown

64. I will heighten my life by helping others heighten theirs. – Les Brown

65. You have the power to live a bigger life. Challenge yourself, take the risk. – Les Brown

66. Some people are so negative that they walk into a dark room and start to develop. – Les Brown

67. It’s necessary to get the losers out of your life if you want to live your dream. – Les Brown

68. We are living in very challenging times. Pressured in the workplace and stressed out at home, people are trying to make sense of their lives. – Les Brown

69. As you reach your goals, set new ones. That is how you grow and become a more powerful person. – Les Brown

70. The people who want to step into their greatness are hungry. – Les Brown

71. Practice the principle of OQP – Only Quality People. – Les Brown

72. You can’t afford to give? You can’t afford not to give! Give your time, give your talent. – Les Brown

73. You don’t have the be great to get started, but you have to get started to be great. – Les Brown

74. Do whatever it takes. It always seems impossible until it’s done. – Les Brown

75. Live out of your imagination our of your memory. – Les Brown

76. Review your goals twice every day in order to be focused on achieving them. – Les Brown

77. Help others achieve their dreams and you will achieve yours. – Les Brown

78. Other people’s opinion of you doesn’t have to become your reality. – Les Brown

79. I am still in the process of transforming my life, I am still in the process of becoming. – Les Brown

80. The day you stop worrying will be the first day of your new life. Anxiety takes you in circles. Trust in

81. There are winners, there are losers and there are people who have not yet learned how to win. – Les Brown

82. If you want to be rich, watch what rich people do every day and do it. And watch what poor people do and don’t do it. – Les Brown

83. You have something special! You have greatness within you! You can do more than you can ever begin to imagine! – Les Brown

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