Life Is Like A Box Of Chocolates – 10 Hidden Meanings

I will be very frank that I have a thing for chocolates. They are the guilty pleasures which mollycoddle my taste buds and soul. Other than that, there is a remarkable line from the film “Forrest Gump” where the protagonist, quotes his mother: “My momma always said that life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”

Yet you do know, don’t you? You are going to get a box of chocolates. However, you won’t be knowing its taste or flavor. Specifically, one piece could be just bitter and the other one could be sweet kind of taste, but you will be getting chocolates, nonetheless.

Undoubtedly, life is an assortment of clusters, cordials and truffles and we are going to get nutty, fruity, fancy, messy, sweet or just not good at all type of chocolates every single day. We can guess how it will go, but we cannot really know until we have taken a taste and lived it.

Here are some of the hidden meanings of this metaphorical quote.

There are some bitter pieces, but there are your favorite ones too

Some of our chocolates or phases of life are just resentful while we expect each piece to be flawless, but life is an assortment of the sweet, the bitter and the in between. Always remember that in times of resentment, there is sweetness to be mined for.

Each moment is valuable and precious

Although there are a number of boxes of chocolate in your lifetime, the number is still limited. Count each gift as a precious commodity and value each moment or phase of life. You will value the sunshine only after you have faced the rainy days. So, each piece of chocolate makes up for priceless moments.

Trust the manufacturer

We do not know what each piece contains, what it stands for, but all we know is that someone has created or customized it with great intention. Everything happens for a reason and this holds some special purpose. Release your need to know and trust the process and maker.

Enjoy each second of life

Each delicious chocolate, each moment is meant to be savored. Recapitulate every tiny bit of time you spent with your friends or family and live up to the fullest. Slow yourself down and truly taste the flavour of life. Enjoy little things that make a huge difference.

Each piece might be distinct but together they fill the box

Each relationship is beautiful. Friendship is amazing but family is forever. The people who surround us might not have similar grounds with us, and we might disagree with them at times, but we still love them. They are our supporters and motivators. They can do anything for us. Without them, we would not be the person what we are now. They are part of our life and it is impossible to think life or box of chocolate without them.

Sharing is caring

Problem shared is a problem halved while happiness shared is happiness doubled. When we share our chocolate, the experience is richer. Sharing it with someone in need, share with someone who is sad or share it with someone who appreciates good chocolates.

Try new things in life

If you will be stuck with only one flavor, you might miss out a better flavor of chocolate or life. This includes meeting new people, adopting good habits or trying out new hobbies. So, embrace yourself and expose yourself to every flavours of life.

Accept the flaw and move on

Sometimes, we are afraid to go for another piece. Some pieces, some days are not that good. The last day or the last piece of chocolate was bad. But that doesn’t mean that you should fear more disappointment. Never lose hope. A new ray of light is awaiting you. Be positive and learn to move on.

Choice is yours

It is not imperative to eat the chocolate. You are the in-charge of your own life. You get to do whatever you want to do. You always have a choice for everything that you do in life. It is full of unexpected things. We never know what our future holds. It is upto us to make the most out of it and choose how we will handle our box of chocolates.

Be responsible

Not directly stated, but implied is the concept of taking responsibility for your own actions. Accepting the consequences and working out a way to simplify all the complexities of life is the very essence of the box of chocolates.

Momma Gump was a wise woman. Life is an unpredictable assortment of the good, the bad and the in between. So, that’s life- taking-bite of that unknown chocolate, accepting it whatever the taste it bears, being happy with whatever number or size of pieces you get. Enjoy the piece of chocolate and never leave a single piece behind.

What kind of chocolate you are savoring right now in your life? Let me know in the comments below.

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