Making Monday Fuel For Rest Of The Week – Turn Hours In Meaningful Days

Whereas average people curse Monday, happy and successful people set it to refuel their bodies, relationships, career and finances in a positive direction. The very word “Monday” fills them with a sense of enthusiasm. They behold Monday as a blessing, prioritize their time around weekly goals and move ahead of the people who are waiting for the miracles.

Turning hours in meaningful days begin with the planning of the things that matter most and contribute an important role in long term success. Below are the simple habits that you can do on every Monday to win the rest of your week.

Schedule Your Meals

Making decisions throughout the day reduces your will-power. If you are making the decision on the less important task then you are reducing your levels of will-power for the important task.

Many people cannot decide what to eat at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They remain confused and some of them even end up ordering food online, adding an extra burden on finances.

The goal is not to make more decisions but to make less of them in order to drive all the will-power and energy towards necessary tasks.

The best way to store your energy for important decisions is by scheduling your meals beforehand.

Divide your day into three sets, i.e. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

Fix high-protein diet for breakfast and lunch. At dinner, consumption of food must be in moderation to avoid gastric problems, for an upset stomach make you lethargic and increase the tendency to procrastinate the following day.

Stick to your schedule and stock all the ingredients and vegetables for the whole week beforehand.

Create a Weekly Budget

Create a weekly budget depending upon your needs. Write down every little expense and figure out the holes in your money management habit.

Needless to say, we use money every day in our life. Behaving carelessly towards it can put your future in danger.

If you don’t have money saving habit, develop one because most certainly a situation will arise where you will feel helpless without money. If you have no emergency funds, you will end up taking loans from bank or credit card.

It should be noted that wealth cannot be created on debt. Wealth building starts when you have no debts and you are ready to keep aside some percentage of your money every month as savings.

Spending ten minutes every day in budgeting can help you understand your money spending habits and gives you the opportunity to cut down the expenses.

Write Down Your Weekly Goals

Only 8% of the population writes down their goals. These people have better relationships, finance, and career. They are one of the highest paid workers in their profession.

Studies have also shown that when we write down our goals and review them regularly, our mind generates a series of ideas on a daily basis which ultimately reduces the number of hours for completing the task which could have ended up consuming long weeks and months.

The rule of SMART goals — specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely — is recommended to maintain self-esteem throughout the process. Something outside SMART Goals will lead to extra stress, disappointments, and self-doubt.

Train Your Mind

Reading ten to twenty pages of self-help book will not only encourage you to remain positive towards life but also introduce you to many ideas that have worked in the life of the author. You can also stick to a blog and read it on a regular basis. (Subscribe to this blog below to get these articles directly in your inbox).

People who read one book a month on a particular subject will get into the category of top 8% professional in five years.

Reading 30 minutes a day can help you finish a book in less than a week. To make it easier: read fifteen minutes just after waking up in the morning and fifteen minutes in the bed at night.

Make A New Connection

98% of your work can be completed easily if you have good connections. Even, there is a high chance that you end up landing a good job or a business opportunity if you have a strong network.

Successful people know this fact and they not only save money but invest it in building new relationships. They are extraordinarily good at making new connections. They fix meeting with new people in their industry, buy them coffee or invite them to dinner. Until they understand them to the core they tend to hold frequent meetings.

You too can develop a habit of building new relationships. There are many people around who have a wealth of knowledge through life experiences and may help you in achieving your personal and professional goals.

Every week, introduce yourself to someone in your profession. Meet him/her frequently. Regular meetings help understand each other better.


Keep aside 30 minutes every Monday and plan the rest of your week.

Schedule your meals, create a weekly budget, write down your weekly goals, buy a new book and resolve your reading hours for the rest of the week and keep looking for ways to build new relationships in your area of interest.

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