Never Give Up On Your Dreams – 4 Strong Reasons Why

Giving up on your dreams after spending months and years not only suck your time and money but also can harm your self-esteem in a disastrous way. You are not only giving up on your dreams but also harming all aspects of your life, be it personal or professional. Lack of self-confidence and poor decision making due to fear of failure would become a part of your everyday life.

On the other hand, if you decide not to quit, your potential becomes limitless and you start seeing your aspirations turning into reality in a short span. Moreover, here are four more reasons why you should never give up on your dreams and goals.

4 Strong Reasons Why You Should Not Give Up Your Dreams And Aspirations

You Take Big Actions

When you decide to live for your dreams, you understand how even taking small actions every day moves the mountains in long term. Whereas people are distracted, moving from one goal to another, you are more focused and begin to stick with your long-term goals.

Most people have no dreams or goals in life. Like a leaf floating with the current of water, their life goes with the same flow. While all the months and years are the same as such people, you are developing and finding new abilities within you.

As you remain on the journey of your dreams and aspirations, you become more confident and acquire more knowledge which will help you take big risks and actions to improve your results in an unexpected way.

Don't be afraid to take a big step. You can't cross a chasm in two small jumps. - David Lloyd GeorgeClick to Tweet

You Accept Rejections As A Part Of Life

People got disappointed with facing rejections and failures in life. Even there are people who never start their journey because of the fear of rejection. Getting rejections can be heart-breaking, but if you develop the attitude of accepting rejections, it can be life-transforming.

Embracing failures and learning from mistakes is the fastest way to grow in life. The people who never give up on their dreams face rejections and failures like every successful people, and make their way through all the hurdles of life.

Whether it’s Abraham Lincoln or Thomas Edison or someone you admire the most has seen thousands of rejections in their lifetime. However, if you give up on your goals and dreams, you will never be able to build the kind of attitude which is not only beneficial but also a major trait to achieve success in life.

If you are depressed and need professional advice, you can find yourself a therapist on helping people in your area.

You Live With Hope And Faith

As you decide to chase your dreams, you develop faith in life. You start expecting more from yourself. You build an incredibly positive attitude towards life. You begin to feel more confident and grow spiritually strong. By and by you will find how the universe is helping you to achieve your dreams. Even after knowing that your dreams are big and they will take time, you never lose hope, moving continuously towards your dreams like a guided missile.

You Can Be The Inspiration

The world is full of failures. Millions of people never live the life they desire, only because they do not hold on to their dreams for a longer period. Either they lose motivation in the middle or they quit after facing setbacks.

While people are waiting and looking for miracles to happen, you can choose to be a miracle for someone else. You can become an inspiration and example, and empower the people around you just by focusing on your own dreams.

You can decide to work every day on your dreams, irrespective of your situation, and be the change in the world.

You can become a story that people love sharing with their friends and family.

You can become a symbol of persistence, discipline, and confidence.

You can be the role model for the next generation.

And all you have to do is never give up on your dreams and goals because somewhere in your heart you also know that your dreams are possible.

What’s Stopping Us To Achieve Our Dreams

The Misconception That Change Takes A Lot Of Time

We are programmed by birth in such a way that we spend most of our time dealing with our responses. If a man faces failure or rejection, it takes him a lot of time to recover from his grievance. We think that it takes a lot of time to see the change we desire. In reality, we can overcome failures and unwanted behaviors immediately.

To begin with, we must learn how to accept the reality and stop dwelling upon the failures. The moment we accept the situation as it is, we can think about what to do next.Click to Tweet

Hence, change in perspective can change the way we take action.

The Misconception That Change Is Painful And Difficult

Another misconception is that we link change to pain. A widely popular adage goes, “No pain No gain.” The man who has coined these words has forgotten to tell us how much he loved the pain. Yes, that’s true. In the beginning, say the first week, it’s difficult to accept the change. But by and by, one starts enjoying it.

Next time, when you meet a gym freak, ask him why he visits the gym every day only to suffer. He will tell you that pain is different from suffering. He loves the pain while doing exercise and that pain is a kind of addiction and not at all suffering.

Another example, when I decided to become a writer, I made a point to start with reading the best works in Literature. At first, I was not able to sit for more than an hour or two. I remained on my commitment to myself and made a point to read even I don’t feel like reading. I do not want to give up on my dreams, and therefore, I persisted in my decision.

After a month or so, I developed a tremendous reading habit. Today, I can read continuously for 8-9 hours. I love the pain of sitting in my study and read and write throughout the day. My pain is not suffering but an inspiration.

When In Doubt, Ask Questions

I’ve learned that self-reflection can accelerate our behavior and performance beyond our imagination. Whenever in doubt or feel like giving up, use this technique. The right questions are often difficult to answer.  Try to write down in-depth answers because the devil is always in the detail. To have better clarity, spend at least 30 minutes in answering each one of the questions below.

1. Why did you start the journey at first and now what has made you change your mind?

2. What kind of fears are holding you back? How can you overcome it?

3. Are your fears really persist or are you just predicting the outcomes?

4. If you continue your journey, what’s the worst thing that can happen with you?

5. Are you in control of your emotions? (When we face rejection or failure, we lose the ability to think through and make decisions on how we are feeling at a particular moment.)

6. How will you feel if you give up?

7. Do you have better plans? If so, will you enjoy working on them?

Make It Happen Success Is Just Around You

Every morning, either I spend my time reading a motivational book or watching a video. Motivation is something that does not last long. We have to keep feeding ourselves with positive messages throughout the day.

I cannot agree more with the popular words of Zig Ziglar:

People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing, that's why we recommend it daily.Click to Tweet

In the end, I encourage you to not give up on your dreams because it is the only thing that can help us find infinite abilities that dwell within each of us. With proper training, knowledge, and will-power, we can cross oceans and mountains in our life.

Let me know in the comments below, what are the important factors that can help one in accomplishing the goals?

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