5 Richard Branson Books On Successful Living

Richard Branson is a world-renowned businessman, philanthropist, and author of several bestselling books. His Virgin group, established in the early 1970s, has over four-hundred companies working in various sectors. At a very young age, Branson made up his mind to have his own business. At the age of sixteen, he started a magazine named Student. Soon he began to explore different industries to understand entrepreneurship in-depth. Richard Branson books reveal how he started his record business, Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Galactic, and many more.

The dynamic personality has been motivating young entrepreneurs and small and large businesses to choose creativity to skyrocket their success overnight. Famous for his unique style, the Branson way, his humble attitude, and excitement to live beyond his potential are reflected in his works. The New York Times bestseller, following Richard Branson books is a must-read for every wanna-be entrepreneur.

Losing My Virginity: How I’ve Survived, Had Fun, and Made a Fortune Doing Business My Way, by Richard Branson


Richard Branson is one of those rare personalities who have not followed the guidelines written in the book. He figured out everything by himself, wrote his own rules to live life, and created a new way of doing business. From Virgin Atlantic Airlines to Virgin Megastores, Richard Branson has not left any business for others to compete against him. He does not follow the hierarchy system and the involvement of bureaucrats. There is no central headquarter from where these businesses are controlled. He has made the business model in such a way that it goes on servicing people without the need for any external intervention.

Losing My Virginity abounds in the brilliant stories from Richard’s life. He explains how innovating new business systems can help reduce the participation of working bodies to run a business. He not only takes us to his entrepreneurial lessons but also shows what it means to be productive and discipline in achieving work-life balance. Losing My Virginity is one of those Richard Branson books that you must read to know Richard Branson’s philosophy of life and success.

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Screw It, Let’s Do It: Lessons In Life – Richard Branson Books


Richard Branson is known for his new approaches and techniques which led him to become a successful businessman in just a few decades. Screw It, Let’s Do It is another simple yet profound work by Richard Branson that offers the reader time-tested practical advice to overcome any obstacle.

If you have been discouraged and rejected by the people around you, this book will teach you how not only to convince people to believe in you but also how you can achieve your goals and dreams sooner than ever before. A must-read if you have just started your journey to personal accomplishment.

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Finding My Virginity: The New Autobiography, by Richard Branson


Richard Branson, after so long, came up with another autobiography. The previous work Losing My Virginity was a huge hit on the New York Times bestseller list. Where the previous autobiography talked about how Richard grew Virgin from a student magazine into a world-class brand, in this new work, he encourages the readers to start their own venture and push themselves out of the comfort zone.

The author narrates several stories beginning from his business success to his desire to serve people through philanthropic activities. Interviewed with greatest personalities including Bill Gaters, Nelson Mandela, and Barack Obama, this Richard Branson book is a gripping account of a son, husband, father, and grandfather to four grandchildren.

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The Virgin Way: How to Listen, Learn, Laugh and Lead, by Richard Branson


If you ever want to read a book on leadership, The Virgin Way is the book you should pick first. If you have read it and want to read another one, read this book again as this is the book all you need to develop all the leadership qualities in life.

Richard Branson, in this book, talks about those mistakes that you can avoid to reach your goals sooner. From winning over British Airways and from losing to his competitor Coca-Cola, the author shares thousands of lessons including his school drop out the journey and his struggles to overcome dyslexia. Motivational gurus talk about thinking out of the box, but Richard Branson believes in using what’s available to him inside the box.

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Like A Virgin: Secrets They Won’t Teach You at Business School, by Richard Branson


In the history of mankind, it is only a few people who can build several successful businesses. Richard Branson is one of them who went his own the Branson Way and became one of the notable entrepreneurs of the modern era. His dashing style and encouraging voice make him not a mentor but a close friend of his audience.

In this Richard Branson book, the author shows the readers how one can achieve success without any formal education and natural-born gifts. Written in a simple, friendly, and conversational style, Like A Virgin will empower you to move forward in your professional career with enthusiasm and fire you up to start a never-ending quest of making the world a better place than before.

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