5 Things That Are Stopping You To Take Control of Your Career

We all know that career growth just does not happen overnight. It requires a clear roadmap, discipline, and constant motivation to beat procrastination. 

People work hard and burn the midnight oil, but they are still stuck at the same place and position where they were a few years ago. 

What’s wrong? If you can relate it with your own career then here is the list of five things that are stopping you and a lot of professionals to take control of their career.

1. Your Inner World

We all have insecurities in life, and it’s fine to have them as they help us to push us outside our comfort zone. However, the problem arises when we let these insecurities to block our ability to act. 

For instance, there are so many opportunities that are available for us to become public speakers, but most of them are still unable to master the art of public speaking. 

Where everyone knows that public speaking is a skill and can be learned through constant practice, their inner world doesn’t make them believe that “they can”.

In order to take control of your career, you don’t only need the right sort of resources but also the ability to use those resources to keep the ball moving. 

Before beginning your journey, don’t let your mind throw doubts and uncertainty at you. Remember, everything in life can be learned and mastered through practice.

2. Negative Self-Talk

People have been programmed in a negative way since childhood. When things go wrong, several people tend to say: 

“I’m worthless and don’t deserve anything in life. Though I work hard, luck never supports me.”

Such an endless list of talks to oneself not only affects the confidence but also limits us to attract positive events in life. We become less grateful for what we have, stop accepting the way we are, and lose enthusiasm in life.

It’s crucial for us to have positive self-talk with ourselves, irrespective of our circumstances. Change in life begins with a change in thoughts. 

Once the thought patterns are changed, everything starts falling together. 

3. Unintelligent Response To Situations

There comes a time in your professional life when people are not at all kind to you. They may try to provoke you and make you behave out of control. 

Such events may break your career and can create a negative image at your workplace.

Emotions and behavior are intertwined. Though unawareness and negative response to situations can have devastating effects, you can win the office politics by taking control of your responses. 

Remember what Lao Tzu once said, “A great warrior is never angry.” 

You can avoid many problems in life and career by remaining silent and avoid reacting to the events that are not in your control.

4. Habits That Don’t Contribute

Our day-to-day action arises from the impression made on our subconscious mind. This subconscious mind is deeper than the conscious mind and controls almost every habit, behavior, and emotions. We live our life not according to our will but how this subconscious mind dictates it.

The good news is that you can change the negative patterns, and can create a desired career. 

If the subconscious mind is the ship, your conscious mind is the compass. 

You can change the direction of your life if you consciously pick good habits and repeat them continuously until they become a part of your subconscious mind and get on to autopilot mode.

5. Sometimes Later Attitude 

Persistence is the ability to keep on working in the face of adversity and circumstances. Persistence alone can be a powerful characteristic to give a boost to your career in a short period of time.

What differentiates successful professionals from average ones is to avoid the cliche “Sometimes Later”. They understand that procrastination is a slow poison that most certainly will end up their career.

You can be one of the professionals who grabs every opportunity before everyone else. All you need to do is to keep up with your training when everyone else is dealing with procrastination.


Here we have discussed five things that can become a barrier in your career growth. With the right mindset, positive self-talk, controlled situational responses, good habits, and persistence, you can climb the stairs of success, and create desired outcomes.

Have you ever found yourself stuck in your professional life? How was the experience? You can share your story with me in the comments below. 

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