61 Tim Ferriss Quotes To Inspire Your Life

Timothy Ferriss also was known as Tim Ferriss is one of the famous American best selling authors. He lives in East Hampton, New York, U.S. This 41 years old author also started entrepreneurship at an early age, he founded BrainQUICKEN, a tech company in 2001. Apart from being a famous author Ferriss also debuted in television series called The Tim Ferriss Experiment. Tim Ferriss quotes reflect the theories, hacks, and experiments he applied to increase the quality of life.

Ferriss has also been an angel investor to many startups like StumbleUpon, Shopify, trippy. This famous author had many notable works and some of which has appeared on the New York Times, Wall Street Journal as the best seller novels. The famous notable works of Timothy Ferriss are self-help books based on the “4-hour” theme like The 4 Hour Workweek, The 4 Hour Body, The 4 Hour Chef and some other books like Tribe of Mentors, Tools of Titans are his famous works. Here are the best Tim Ferriss Quotes to inspire your life.

1. I realized it would destroy other people’s lives. Killing yourself can spiritually kill other people. – Tim Ferriss

2. Don’t suffer fools or you’ll become one. – Tim Ferriss

3. What we fear doing most is usually what we most need to do. – Tim Ferriss

4. 10x results don’t always require 10x effort. – Tim Ferriss

5. Remember, boredom is the enemy, not some abstract “failure”. – Tim Ferriss

6. Competition makes you better. – Tim Ferriss

7. The key to not feeling rushed is remembering that lack of time is actually lack of priorities. – Tim Ferriss

8. If it’s important to you and you want to do it “eventually,” just do it and correct course along the way. – Tim Ferriss

9. Learn to be difficult when it counts. In school as in life, having a reputation for being assertive will help you receive preferential treatment without having to beg or fight for it every time. – Tim Ferriss

10. Mini-retirements are wonderful, but I’m not going to spend my entire life on the sidelines. – Tim Ferriss

11. A friend once told me that killing yourself is like taking your pain, multiplying it 10x, and giving it to the ones who love you. – Tim Ferriss

12. Lack of time is lack of priorities. – Tim Ferriss

13. If you believe you can change the world, which I hope you do, do what you believe is right and expect resistance and expect attackers. – Tim Ferriss

14. There are some secrets we don’t share because they’re embarrassing. – Tim Ferriss

15. My mom always encouraged me to march to my own drummer. – Tim Ferriss

16. Sometimes, it just takes one conversation with one rational person to stop a horrible irrational decision. – Tim Ferriss

17. Doing something unimportant well does not make it important. – Tim Ferriss

18. I want to measure twice, and cut once; therefore, the vast majority of my important work is deciding what to work on. – Tim Ferriss

19. You don’t need to go through life huffing and puffing, straining and red-faced. You can get 95% of the results you want by calmly putting one foot in front of the other. – Tim Ferriss

20. You don’t “succeed” because you have no weaknesses; you succeed because you find your unique strengths and focus on developing habits around them. – Tim Ferriss

21. Don’t dismiss people, don’t be a dick, and don’t rush. Play the long game. – Tim Ferriss

22. If we’re serious all the time, we’ll wear out before we get the truly serious stuff done. – Tim Ferriss

23. If you let pride stop you, you will hate life. – Tim Ferriss

24. I’ve had a life full of doubts… mostly for no good reason. – Tim Ferriss

25. Achievement without appreciation makes you ambitious but miserable. Appreciation without achievement makes you unambitious but happy. – Tim Ferriss

26. It’s far more lucrative and fun to leverage your strengths instead of attempting to fix all the chinks in your armor. – Tim Ferriss

27. The options are limitless, but each path must begin with the same first step: replacing assumptions. – Tim Ferriss

28. When you put on really effective armor, you do keep things out but you also keep a lot in. – Tim Ferriss

29. The most important actions are never comfortable. – Tim Ferriss

30. Many of our strengths in excess become or create glaring weaknesses. – Tim Ferriss

31. If you don’t care about yourself, make it about other people. – Tim Ferriss

32. For all their bitching about what’s holding them back, most people have a lot of trouble coming up with the defined dreams they’re being held from. – Tim Ferriss

33. The best results I have had in my life; the most enjoyable times, have all come from asking the simple question: What is the worst that could happen? – Tim Ferriss

34. If you want to have more, do more, and be more, it all begins with the voice that no one else hears. – Tim Ferriss

35. Success, however you define it, is achievable if you collect the right field-tested beliefs and habits. – Tim Ferriss

36. There is a place, at least in my life, for a decent amount of hedonism. – Tim Ferriss

37. Being efficient without regard to effectiveness is the default mode of the universe. – Tim Ferriss

38. If we let the storms pass and choose to reflect, we come out better than ever. – Tim Ferriss

39. The goal is not only the eliminate the bad, which does nothing more than leave you with a vacuum, but to pursue and experience the best in the world. – Tim Ferriss

40. Go to the gym and move for at least 30 minutes. For me, this is 80% of the battle. – Tim Ferriss

41. I’m in it for the long haul; the adventure continues. – Tim Ferriss

42. Just because they say it can’t be done doesn’t make it so. – Tim Ferriss

43. If you are insecure, guess what? The rest of the world is, too. Do not overestimate the competition and underestimate yourself. You are better than you think. – Tim Ferriss

44. Different is better when it is more effective or more fun. – Tim Ferriss

45. There is just less competition for bigger goals. – Tim Ferriss

46. Life would be boring if we all followed exactly the same rules. – Tim Ferriss

47. You can fail at plenty as long as you get a few important things right. – Tim Ferriss quotes

48. Speaking from personal experience, believe me: this too shall pass, whatever it is. – Tim Ferriss

49. The objective is to control your time – a non-renewable resource – and apply it where you have the highest leverage or enjoyment. – Tim Ferriss

50. If the answer isn’t simple, it’s probably not the right answer. – Tim Ferriss

51. I personally believe that consciousness persists after physical death, and it dawned on me that I literally had zero evidence that my death would improve things. – Tim Ferriss

52. My definition of luxury has changed over time. Now, it’s not about owning a lot of stuff. Luxury, to me, is feeling unrushed. – Tim Ferriss

53. If the recipe sucks, it doesn’t matter how good a cook you are. – Tim Ferriss

54. Most information is time-consuming, negative, irrelevant to your goals, and outside of your influence. – Tim Ferriss

55. The best results in life are often held back by false constructs and untested assumptions. – Tim Ferriss

56. I always thought I was going to end up teaching ninth grade. – Tim Ferriss

57. Improving the quality of life in the world is in no fashion inferior to adding more lives. – Tim Ferriss

58. The most common approach is very seldom the most effective and most efficient. – Tim Ferriss

59. Success can usually be measured by the number of uncomfortable conversations we are willing to have, and by the number of uncomfortable actions we are willing to take. – Tim Ferriss

60. To have an uncommon lifestyle you need to develop the uncommon habit of making decisions, both for yourself and for others. – Tim Ferriss

61. Too much, too many, and too often of what you want becomes what you don’t want. – Tim Ferriss

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