Tommy Newberry Quotes To Improve Your Personal And Professional Life

Tommy Newberry an American nationalist is famous for his motivational speeches and books. He has been awarded as the bestselling author by New York Times and Wall Street Journal for his book The 4:8 Principle, The War on Success.  This famous author is also the Founder, president and the head coach of the 1% Club. This club was initiated back in 1991 to assist entrepreneurs and their families in business leadership. Not only his books are famous but the author is also known for his motivational speeches. Tommy has been into public speaking for 22 years. Apart from public speaking he is into radios show recordings and has appeared on more than two hundred radio and television shows like Good News, Living the Life, The Lou Dobbs Show, and Fox & Friends. Here are the best Tommy Newberry quotes to improve your personal and professional life.

1. Do what you love and you’ll stop being your own worst enemy. – Tommy Newberry

2. Success, and failure for that matter, are not accidents, but consequences. If you want to know what you sowed in the past, look around you and see what you’re reaping today. – Tommy Newberry

3. Choose the words of champions. Replace “I’ll try to” with “I will.” Replace “I didn’t have time” with “I chose not to make time for that.” Replace “It’s not my fault” with “I accept responsibility.” Replace “You make me upset” with “I feel upset when…” You always have the choice. You can be a helpless victim or you can be a powerful and impactful human being. – Tommy Newberry

4. Become a member of the Magnificient Minority. Accept that you are totally responsible for your success. Not the government, not your boss, not your parents, and not society. Only you. – Tommy Newberry

5. The antidote of a life of comfort and mediocrity is a life of character and courage. – Tommy Newberry

6. Procrastination, which is the delaying of higher priority tasks in favor of lower priority ones, is more responsible for frustration, stress, and under-achievement than any other single factor. – Tommy Newberry

7. When you try to get something for nothing, you become nothing. – Tommy Newberry

8. Your habitual thinking patterns either encourage you toward excellence or nudge you into weakness. – Tommy Newberry

9. Goal setting is the master skill of all lifelong success, yet it is practiced by less than 3 percent of the population. – Tommy Newberry

10. Most of us go through life borrowing someone else’s definition of success rather than coming up with our own! – Tommy Newberry

11. When you keep your thoughts fixed on God, the things of God will naturally permeate your life, and thus your goals will be in line with his will and his kingdom. – Tommy Newberry

12. Your thoughts are causes and your circumstances are effects. – Tommy Newberry

13. Character is built by adversity, but strong character is not the inevitable result of adversity. – Tommy Newberry

14. No area of your life is untouched by your thoughts. – Tommy Newberry

15. If you don’t have specific goals written down for your life, you are mentally malnourished. – Tommy Newberry

16. Most people spend more time planning their summer vacations and their wedings than they do planning their lives and their marriages. Most people major in minor things. – Tommy Newberry

17. Your job is to convince the subconscious mind that the condition you desire already exists. – Tommy Newberry

18. Be a respected friend to yourself. Be a nourishing friend to yourself. – Tommy Newberry quotes

19. Adapt an extended, long-term perspective. You excel in life to the extent that you apply a long-term perspective in making your most important decisions. – Tommy Newberry

20. When individuals, via governmental interference, consume without producing, then others must produce without consuming. – Tommy Newberry

21. Successful people have successful habits. Mediocre people have mediocre habits. And it all starts with a choice. – Tommy Newberry

22. Avoid the herd. Do things when nobody else does them. Check out of your hotel when other people aren’t. Dine out before crowds arrive. Schedule flights for non-peak hours. Drive during non-peak hours also. – Tommy Newberry

23. Self-discipline is the the ability to funnel our desires and passions in a productive direction, for a sustained period of time in order to achieve our goals. – Tommy Newberry

24. You must believe in your success to the point that you prepare for it even when there is no outward evidence to suggest it is plausible. – Tommy Newberry

25. Your mind was designed to be fed with goals just as your body was designed to be fed with food and water. – Tommy Newberry

26. We’ve been given the power to have what we visualize, but we tend to visualize what we already have. – Tommy Newberry

27. Commit to making your home and office an excuse-free zone. If a situation arises that previously called for an excuse, substitute the words, “I am responsible,” where the excuse used to go. – Tommy Newberry

28. Everything you do or fail to do counts. Every action has a consequence even if it isn’t immediate. – Tommy Newberry

29. Dwelling on your problems doesn’t fix them; it just makes you an expert at them. – Tommy Newberry

30. Many people say things to themselves that they would never, ever say to a respected friend. – Tommy Newberry

31. If you live your life like most people do, you will get what most people get. You will settle for what most people settle for. – Tommy Newberry

32. You can be sure that investing the time and brain power to set meaningful goals in each area of your life will produce internal, permanent motivation. – Tommy Newberry

33. High achievers are motivated by pleasurable outcomes. Underachievers are motivated by pleasurable methods. – Tommy Newberry

34. All lasting change is preceded by changed thinking. Any other type of change will only be temporary. – Tommy Newberry

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